At the Gwinnett Coalition, we partner with local organizations, leaders and citizens to advance the health and well-being of all Gwinnettians. Our resources, relationships and systems address complex social issues, leading to equity and prosperity throughout the community.


We’re an established nonprofit committed to promoting equity and prosperity for all who live in our community, for the past three decades. Our efforts and strategic partnerships have helped develop numerous successful programs and initiatives that have positively impacted Gwinnett County.


We work together to address the bigger-picture problems that impact the health and well-being of all members of our Gwinnett Community. Our “systems-level” approach allows us to form comprehensive solutions to complex issues, improving the lives of our neighbors, our families and our region.


Using the Collective Impact Model, we collaborate with many organizations across various fields to advance positive change and increase favorable outcomes for all, because the needs of our community are greater than the ability of a single organization.

Programs & Initiatives

Gwinnett Coalition is built upon our three pillars: health equity, mental and behavioral health, and nonprofit capacity building. These pillars help us in fulfilling our mission of driving systemic change, promoting equity, and tackling challenging social issues within our community.

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