'Tis the Season To Increase Peace of Mind: Give the Gift of Wellness This Holiday Season

At a time when children and youth are struggling more than ever to cope and manage immense amounts of stress, pressure and mental illness, access to programs and support for the whole family is an immediate need. Many families are desperate for mental health care, but the financial roadblocks can be too significant to overcome.

Partnering with us for Giving Tuesday allows you to give the gift of peace of mind to youth and families across our community by increasing their access to the support they need and deserve. This season’s donations will go to the Gwinnett Coalition’s Health Equity Fund, which is used to provide health care access to citizens of Gwinnett County.

For Giving Tuesday 2023, these funds will support the work of View Point Health, a caring community of providers offering a full behavioral health care continuum to underserved individuals in our community.

View Point Health provides much-needed access to care for youth and their families who might otherwise not be able to receive services and is a Gwinnett Health Finder Partner.

Your donation through this campaign will fund View Point Health’s efforts to increase critical support for families in Gwinnett County.

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The Gwinnett Coalition is a not-for-profit organization recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). As such, contributions may be tax deductible.

Every gift of financial support is used to sustain programs that serve Gwinnett County residents at no charge. Your contributions and financial support allow us to continue to provide the highest standard of response to Gwinnett County residents in need.

Ways to Give to the Gwinnett Coalition