We are a nonprofit organization working in partnership with other local nonprofits, faith-based organizations, government and business leaders, and concerned citizens to positively drive impact for our three pillars of work in health equity, mental and behavioral health, and nonprofit capacity building within Gwinnett County, advancing the health and well-being of our entire community.
We have an extensive background of success that goes back more than three decades. Our work directly impacts the current and future well-being of individuals and families in our area and has led to groundbreaking initiatives and programs that have increased positive outcomes across the county.
As the Gwinnett Coalition enters our fourth decade, we are building upon a strong foundation of the previous 30 years of success while continuing to pursue our vision that all residents of Gwinnett County have the opportunity to thrive.
We serve as Gwinnett’s leading community development organization and systems change agent by assessing needs, prioritizing complex issues, and aligning resources and efforts with community stakeholders.

Our Vision

To strategically align leadership, resources, and systems that foster equity and prosperity for Gwinnett.

Our Mission

To lead systems change to advance equity and address complex social issues.