Gwinnett Coalition Announces New Strategic Approach and Brand

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA, July 29, 2021 —

The Gwinnett Coalition has been in an exciting state of advancement and evolution since Renée Byrd-Lewis took over the helm as President and CEO. The Gwinnett Coalition is setting a new standard for community development. This new standard involves a systems-view with effective cross-sector collaboration to solve the community’s most complex problems. Byrd-Lewis seeks to cast new vision for a more holistic view of individuals and families in need, as well as the service delivery systems that serve them. Encouraging individual agencies, nonprofits, and businesses to work together on the same issues will increase efficiency and yield greater positive impact throughout the community.

With the new strategy, the Coalition will utilize a collective impact approach, a proven and effective method for achieving social change. Collective impact is defined by long-term alignment around sound data and a common agenda that seeks to address root causes of systemic problems. It involves not just solving immediate challenges but putting systems in place that break cycles and ultimately preventing them. While more complicated and lengthier in nature, the systems-change approach produces more reliable improvements in outcomes and does so in a sustainable way.

The Coalition’s new brand reflects their commitment to moving the needle on big problems to create positive, lasting change so all Gwinnett residents have the opportunity to thrive. The colors are bold yet approachable. The vivid color palette pays homage to the diverse styles, cultures, and personalities that make up the Gwinnett community. The font is modern and progressive. The word “Coalition” is the focus of the mark to help it stand out in a sea of Gwinnett brands. The gauge indicates the Coalition’s commitment to forward movement and measuring dynamic progress. Each indicator on the gauge represents the four key stages of the collective impact model. And the new slogan, “Driving Collective Impact,” gives a succinct mantra for all to follow.

The marketing firm Rock Paper Scissors led the Coalition board and staff through a creative process of re-envisioning all aspects of the brand. Amanda Sutt, Creative Director and CEO of Rock Paper Scissors remarks, “We are proud to launch the updated brand and complete redesign of the website. It is fresh, distinct, and features the brand attributes:  impactful, innovative, inclusive, present, and empowering.”