Gwinnett Cares Now Powered by the Gwinnett Coalition

In March of 2020 Gwinnett Cares launched as a volunteer, grassroots initiative to care for our community through COVID-19. The goal was to centralize communications and strategically coordinate resources to serve our community quickly, equitably, and effectively. Response teams were formed to focus on healthcare access, food insecurity, homelessness and housing, education, multicultural needs, and workforce development. All day, every day these teams were focused on helping people get or give help to meet the real-time needs in our community. But no one knew just how long the pandemic would last. As weeks grew into months and months grew into a year, the volunteer led effort needed a firmer foundation to sustain the work long-term.

On the one-year anniversary of the first Gwinnett Cares community “all call” meeting, the Gwinnett Coalition enthusiastically stepped in and agreed to take the helm. For three decades the Coalition had powered the Gwinnett helpline and had legacy work groups that aligned beautifully with the response teams of Gwinnett Cares. Their twenty years leading Gwinnett’s Great Days of Service gave them a strong volunteer base to engage. With a new vision and mission focused on driving collective impact, the Coalition is excited to power Gwinnett Cares onward to care for our community through COVID-19 and beyond.

Here’s How You Can “Stay In-The-Know” Via Gwinnett Cares:

  1. Explore great resources online at
  2. Call the Gwinnett Cares Helpline (770-995-3339) when you don’t know where to turn
  3. Follow on Facebook
  4. Sign up for “The Exchange” – The Coalition’s weekly news bulletin sharing resources and information addressing real-time needs in our community.
  5. Join a working roundtable focus on these key community development areas: Workforce Development, Early Childhood Education, K-12 Education, Food Security, and Healthcare. Email your interests here.