Connecting Residents to Resources and Promoting Health Equity

Gwinnett Coalition remains focused on advancing health equity and outcomes across Gwinnett through the work of our Gwinnett Cares program. Through the CDC Foundation’s ongoing financial support and our partnership with GNR Public Health, our health equity team has begun executing a long-term outreach program designed to support our most marginalized populations in achieving vaccine equity and enhanced access to care.

Our health equity navigators are acting as the Gwinnett Coalition’s “boots on the ground”, engaging directly with residents and providing healthcare education and access to resources, while the Gwinnett Cares Helpline connects residents, public school counselors, and social workers to essential services.

In further support of these efforts, we have designed a Gwinnett Health Finder tool. This free, web-based tool will link uninsured or underinsured residents to affordable healthcare providers in the county, increasing access to care. Gwinnett Health Finder is scheduled to launch this month. Stay tuned for more details.

The health equity team stands ready to help you plan a health fair, share health education literature, host a mobile COVID-19 or flu vaccination clinic, offer wellness training programs, and much more. Contact us to find out how we can support those you serve.