Letter from our CEO: Gwinnett Coalition Helpline Transition to OneStop 4 HELP

Dear Community Partner,

In 2022, our Board of Directors approved a new organizational vision to strategically align leadership, resources, and systems that foster equity and prosperity for Gwinnett. The Gwinnett Coalition’s three pillars—health equity, mental and behavioral health, and nonprofit capacity building—emerged as a result of this new vision, and we have taken intentional actions to shift from a direct services approach to a focus on systems level change.

For the past two years, we worked with Gwinnett County Government and United Way to transition direct service programs, including Great Little Minds, Great Days of Service, Gwinnett Veterans Resource Center, and Emergency Food and Shelter Program. By reducing duplication of services and streamlining our efforts, we increase efficiency and achieve greater impact while ensuring Gwinnett’s most vulnerable residents receive the support and care they deserve.

We are excited to announce yet another program transition. In 1991, the Gwinnett Coalition created and launched our Helpline, an information and referral service. For more than three decades, the Helpline connected residents in need to local resources. With Gwinnett County’s expanded health and human services offerings and the creation of the OneStop 4 HELP program, it is the perfect time to transition our public–facing Helpline service. Starting today, May 24, 2023, Helpline services previously offered to the public will be redirected to the OneStop 4 Help at 770.822.8850. Please note, Helpline services for Gwinnett County Public Schools remain intact and will continue.

To support this transition and better serve Gwinnett residents, please review your organization’s marketing materials and take the following actions:

  • Remove all references to the Gwinnett Coalition Helpline @ 770-995-3339.
  • Replace with OneStop 4 HELP @ 770.822.8850 and OneStop 4 Help.
  • Consider print materials (flyers, brochures, etc.), website and social media references, and answering machines and voice mail messages that may need updating.

Ensuring our most vulnerable residents receive uninterrupted support and access to care is a top priority, and we are confident a simplified process for residents through the OneStop 4 Help program is the right solution. Gwinnett’s spirit of collaboration is truly unsurpassed, and I am grateful to work alongside you to advance the health and well-being for all Gwinnettians.

Please reach out with any questions, and thank you for your continued support!

Renee Byrd-Lewis
President and CEO

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