Gwinnett Leaders Gather to Support Community’s Nonprofits and Strengthen Partnerships

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA – On November 1, 2023, community and nonprofit leaders gathered at the recently refreshed Gwinnett Coalition offices for an Evolution Event, Preview Party and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The events highlighted the nonprofit sector’s critical role in the community, the need for continued cross-sector partnerships, and the future of collaboration in Gwinnett.

Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners Chairwoman Nicole Love Hendrickson emphasized an essential function of nonprofits in the county, stating, “The importance of addressing the disparities in our community is so profound, and we know government cannot solve all of our community’s challenges. While we seek to address the social infrastructure of our community, it’s the nonprofits that we lean heavily upon to deliver the services to address the needs of our community.”

Nick Masino, President & CEO of the Gwinnett Chamber & Partnership Gwinnett, recognized the importance of cross-sector partnerships and the nonprofit sector’s contribution to community development, expressing, “Trusted public-private partnerships-–with nonprofits, government, and businesses—are how problems get solved. We’re all in this together. You cannot recruit, retain and expand businesses without a strong nonprofit community.”

Lawrenceville Mayor David Still echoed these sentiments, stating, “It takes all of us to do this work. By working together, we can leverage our impact in building a healthier community.”

The Gwinnett Coalition revealed plans for strengthening the nonprofit ecosystem in Gwinnett through its nonprofit capacity-building pillar. Renee Byrd-Lewis, Gwinnett Coalition CEO, shared top nonprofit issues, such as professional development, financial backing, service duplication and equity and access, identified from national benchmarking and extensive local-level stakeholder engagement. A few solutions outlined to address the issues through Gwinnett Coalition’s nonprofit association and capacity-building program include advocacy and alignment, learning and development and funding partnerships.

“Simply stated, this is essential for Gwinnett. With more than 1,500 nonprofits located in Gwinnett County, we need capacity-building on an organizational level to enhance knowledge and capability, and we need it at the sector level. By engaging in a nonprofit network, we increase opportunities to problem solve, accelerate innovative approaches and expand resources to serve our community’s most vulnerable individuals. We’re grateful to all of our nonprofit partners who attended the Preview Party. The appreciation and excitement was palpable and speaks to the desire for this programming. We look forward to continued engagement as we co-create this initiative with our fellow nonprofits,” remarked Byrd-Lewis.

The Gwinnett Coalition’s newest initiative is slated to launch in early 2024.

Media Contact:
Vala Clark
Senior Director of Engagement